Silvana Gargione Actress

Silvana Gargione

     "Ingrid's facials are the sole reason why my skin is finally clear at age 30.  She is remarkable at her job - she can get down to the root of the problem (hormones, environment, diet, etc) and tailors a solution to combat that issue.  Don't waste your time and money elsewhere.  She gets to know your skin and how it reacts, and every visit builds upon the last.   
     I have gone to her for a few years intermittently when I have had serious breakouts, but then committed to her 6 month Bridal Skin Boot Camp leading up to my wedding...I have never heard so many compliments about my skin! Glowing, healthy, young, clear! Her skills are serious, her diagnosis are on point, and the PCA products she recommends are worth the purchase to continue the routine at home.  Her space is beautiful and relaxing and parking is easy.  

Also worth mentioning - she is awesome at spray tans!  I had never done one before my wedding and was a little apprehensive, but she kept it SO light and natural looking with no uneven-ness."

Mary Omalley  Guru of Mindfulness, Movement & Meditation

Mary Omalley
Guru of Mindfulness, Movement & Meditation

    "Ingrid is a godsend - if you care about your skin and want the best possible facial in Los Angeles, book an appointment with her ASAP. When I moved to LA from the east coast, my skin took a nasty turn. Acne that I had never ever had before suddenly appeared on my early 30s skin...NOT cute. I had tried other estheticians that claimed to be able to get rid of acne and they left me with a lot of pain but no better skin than when I went in. I was desperate and very upset. I didn't want to go on antibiotics (as a dermatologist recommended), but I felt like I was running into a wall when it came to effective ways to handle my now terrible skin.
    Enter Ingrid.  Recommended to me by a friend, I went in for a consult and explained my concerns as well as my fear that I was a helpless cause.  Ingrid immediately put me at ease and explained how she would handle my skin issues. Fast forward to four years later and I continue to see her regularly.  She completely transformed my skin and it's clear as ever!! I often receive compliments on my "glow" and I know it's all due to her. Ingrid has also helped me get a handle on my sun damage and is a pro when it comes to staving off signs of aging. She is a consumate professional and is always on the cutting edge of skin treatments which I really appreciate.  On top of it all, she's lovely and kind and very caring.  I always feel well taken care of and I recommend her constantly.  Thank you Ingrid I would be lost without you!!" 

Ava S. Personal Trainer

Ava S.
Personal Trainer

“Words can't even begin to describe how amazing Ingrid is! Not only is she a skin MASTER, she is such a beautiful soul and a genuine empath and healer. I came to her with terrible cystic and hormonal acne, and only 3 months later my skin has been transformed into the clear, dewy, glowing skin that I once only dreamed of. She will create a comprehensive plan to treat your skin from the inside out, assessing the root cause of your acne. I rotate between her custom Silk Peels and Level 3 chemical peels with LED light therapy as well as continue to follow her dietary and supplement suggestions. I will never let another esthetician touch my face!! She even formulates her own products, including a toner and mud mask that I cannot live without. If you're suffering from acne, and want REAL, LASTING results go see Ingrid - she will change your life!”

Marla Martenson Author, Energy Healer, Matchmaker

Marla Martenson
Author, Energy Healer, Matchmaker

     "Ingrid is amazing. I am in my 50's and have no plans for plastic surgery, ever! I want to take care of my skin as best I can. I have had about five facials with her over the past year, and my skin looks and feels wonderful.  Her products and equipment is top of the line, and her place is so cozy and magical. She also offers a glass of crystal infused water to drink. The whole experience is amazing, I highly recommend giving a facial with Ingrid a try."

Ellie G. Geologist

Ellie G.

“Sometimes it is hard to write a review for someone or thing that is just so incredible and wonderful. Words hardly seem to do it justice. That is how I feel about Ingrid's High Vibration facials. I found Ingrid by searching for a facialist who would work externally and also holistically to understand and solve my acne problems. Along with her knowledge and skills when it came to discerning my facial acne woes, she also prescribed some great ideas to determine what was causing my acne inflammation through diet. I also appreciate that she values high quality natural and organic products that are free of intense chemicals and parabens. If I could post a before and after pic--just after 3-4 months and about 4 visits this would help describe it all. Incredible results. My boyfriend continues to compliment me on how much my skin has improved!! Simply put she is so sweet and attentive--and her facials (microdermabrasions, serums, and chemical peels) have honestly been life changing.  I feel so happy about my how much my skin has progressed without ever going under a laser (which can be super harmful). Ingrid is a real-life fairy godmother. So lucky to have found her--- and it's what keeps me coming back. I highly recommend her.”

Christine Silverman Master Colorist, Ramirez Trans Salon

Christine Silverman
Master Colorist, Ramirez Trans Salon

     "Ingrid is truly amazing.  I have had problem skin since around 26 (I'm now 34) it is a combination of dry, sensitive, and acne prone.  I haven't had any luck getting rid of my acne at all...but it is finally going away thanks to Ingrid and her Power Peel Series.  She is the best at extractions, everything is really gone once she works on you.  We are doing a series of peels right now, modified Jessner and TCA and while my skin is going through the normal peel process it still has never looked better.  She has great product recommendations and really addresses the situation holistically, with diet and lifestyle tips as well.  I can't believe that for the first time in 8 years I am becoming acne free!  NO other facialist or dermatologist has even come close to this.  I am not even done with my peel series and I have utmost faith that my skin will finally be normal again when we are's already worlds better.  If you trust Ingrid implicitly like I do and give it time and patience, she will certainly banish any skin woes you may have.  It is SO WORTH IT!  My only regret is that I didn't find her sooner!!!"

Allison Hope Weiner Media Mayhem Host

Allison Hope Weiner
Media Mayhem Host

     "This is a top of the line spa experience with all of the smells and products that one would expect.  Ingrid is incredibly knowledgeable about skin care and can tell you everything you need to do in order to maintain perfect skin.  She is kind, warm and incredibly helpful and does not push products simply for the sake of making a sale. She takes genuine pleasure in having her clients walk out of their appointments feeling good about their skin and prepared to handle daily care.  She is a wonderful teacher.  The thing that I love most about Your True Skin is the atmosphere that Ingrid has created.  Her office is an oasis of calm where I often have to struggle to stay awake.  Everything about the place is elegant and exceptional from the products, to the sheets to the service.  Ingrid stays up to date on all the latest techniques and she tailors each service to your specific needs. Her touch is gentle and just plain relaxing.  Whenever I leave there, my skin looks stunning and I feel as if I got more than my money's worth. I work in front of the camera and I have to always have good skin.  I need someone who is up to speed on everything.  I was a client of Ingrid's when she was at Ona and when she moved, I followed.  I would NEVER go anywhere else.  She is simply the best.

Brooke Woosley-Sheerin Jewelry Artisan for the body & home

Brooke Woosley-Sheerin
Jewelry Artisan for the body & home

     "Ingrid is incredibly gifted when it comes to skin care. She has successfully changed and drastically improved my skin through a series of 'transformative peels'. 
     I have always felt a bit lost in the realm of skin care.. it's so overwhelming. Ingrid is both gentle and aggressive, a great quality in an esthetician. She tailors her treatments to fit my skin's needs, and my skin hasn't looked better. I'm no longer totally confused.. I have Ingrid.
    I love talking to Ingrid about nutrition and health because she is so knowledgable and laid back about it. She is definitely serious about wellness and beauty but she isn't intense and preachy about it. Ingrid will never make you feel like a jerk for not juicing 24/7.. She's pleasant and knowledgeable. I am so thankful that I found Ingrid!"

"I started seeing Ingrid over ten years ago when I had severe cystic acne. She not only cured my skin, she transformed it. Now that I'm older and starting the aging process, Ingrid continues to modify her facials to target specific problems- fine lines, sagging skin and uneven skin tones. Her knowledge is only surpassed by her attentiveness and understanding of your expectations. She will also help you with a regimen for lasting results between facials. 
If you are looking to transform your skin- Ingrid is the person to see. Hands down the best facialist in LA."

Candace Cason Blogger/Artist/BadAss

Candace Cason

Christine Salzer  Management

Christine Salzer

     "When I moved to Los Angeles a little over a year ago my skin was in a bad state.  I was breaking out more than I had in years and developed rash like small bumps on my forehead and chin. I was hesitant to go to yet another dermatologist just to be put on more medication that takes months to work.  A friend in Los Angeles who had had trouble skin in the past was looking fabulous so I asked what it was and she told me it was her facials with Ingrid! I jumped on that band Wagon real quick and haven't looked back. My skin improved immediately after my first visit. If you've ever had acne you know that every day waiting for it to clear up is miserable so actually finding someone/something that can help immediately is like a miracle. My skin since has never gone back to the way it was. When my skin starts  to look drab or a couple more pimples than I care to see appear, I make an appointment with Ingrid right away. FYI,  I recommend the light peel. It really makes my skin look fresh and renewed."

Angelica Sepulveda Massage Therapist/Energy Healer

Angelica Sepulveda
Massage Therapist/Energy Healer

     "I LOVE coming to see Ingrid for facials, she's very knowledgable and experienced and best of all is that her focus is on making your skin look the best that it can be.  She has worked with me on clearing my pigmentation spots and they are almost all gone!  She's always keeping up to date with the latest and the greatest and Ive seen great results on my skin since i started seeing her on a regular basis.  I am currently on the osmosis program which is AMAZING! everyone has noticed how great my skin  looks.  I also have to mention how special her Vitamin. C serum is, it give my skin that special glow.   Ingrid's passion and dedication to her work makes it an uplifting and pleasurable experience all around.  When i leave her studio, i always feel transformed and beautiful."

Marian Liddel Model

Marian Liddel

     "Ingrid has saved my skin. I had been suffering with a case of the worst cystic acne I had ever experienced for almost a year before I met Ingrid. From the start she has shown patience, understanding, and a deep knowledge of healing acne from its root cause. She took her time in really hearing me and inquiring about my diet, current skincare routine, and other lifestyle factors to identify the reasons why my skin was breaking out, something that was definitely missing from my previous experience with a different esthetician. During my treatments, she immediately put me at ease and showed great care in the entire facial process, including extractions, while doing it in a soothing way that was tuned into my comfort. She has a way about her that is both nurturing and honest. Her product recommendations are totally on point, she follows up after appointments, and thoroughly replies to my multitudes of questions and concerns. I really couldn't ask for more, and would wholeheartedly recommend Ingrid to anyone looking to cure their acne or simple rediscover what it feels like to be confident in their skin."

Esmeralda Palacios Model

Esmeralda Palacios

     “You are gonna LOVE the skin you are in, I guarantee..   Ingrid has been my esthetician for over 3 years now. I met Ingrid in early 2011 after experimenting for several years with different spas and treatments all over Los Angeles and surroundings. After being repeatedly disappointed by the lack of knowledge of so-called spa “professionals” of the basic skin needs, products on the market, or a total lack of care for their clients, I had decided to go solo, and tackle the issue myself (or so I thought)… eventually I managed to make my skin worse… Luckily I got introduced to Ingrid by a friend of mine. I will follow Ingrid to any spa she moves to, I refuse to let anyone touch my face. I cannot stop telling everyone I know how Ingrid has dramatically improved and literally saved my skin. Not only are her facials exceptional and customized, she recommends an entire skin regiment, taking all the guess work out of your daily skin needs. Ingrid is very friendly, down to earth, warm and incredibly knowledgeable. She makes one feel welcomed and cared for. She will examine your skin and ask about your care routine, make recommendations and educate you about skin care, all the while developing and applying a personalized treatment for your skin. Like most gifted and knowledgeable professionals she is not pushy nor condescending, but what she does during the facial, and what she encourages you to do every day definitely works.
     Pros: The most knowledgeable skin care professional I’ve been to. Highly skilled esthetician, warm friendly relaxing atmosphere, great product suggestions
Cons: None.”

Dr. Seeta Rose Narsai

Dr. Seeta Rose Narsai

 “Besides being incredibly talented and knowledgable about making skin look and feel fabulous, Ingrid is gifted with a healer’s touch.  She puts so much love, attention and care into her work.  As a Holistic Doctor myself, I am aware how emotions and energy influences us on a multitude of levels.  I always leave Ingrid feeling great about my skin and emotionally/spiritually uplifted. She is more than a Skin Guru, she is a healing light.  I am blessed to have her in my self-care circle.

Julie Barry Actress/Singer/Teacher

Julie Barry

     "My regular facials with Ingrid have worked wonders for my skin.  As a middle-aged woman, I've spent years believing I couldn't exist without my make-up.  After years of this practice, my pores became enlarged and my complexion noticeably dull.  Since I have been on Ingrid's anti-aging treatment plan, my pores have been greatly reduced and my skin is not only glowing but also considerably plumper and firmer. Now rather than slathering my face with make-up, I am revealing healthy, youthful, beautiful skin that needs no covering.  I absolutely trust Ingrid with my skin for years to come."

Lauren Lewis Master Dog Trainer

Lauren Lewis
Master Dog Trainer

Ingrid has changed my life and the way I look at my face every morning!

I was introduced to Ingrid around the beginning of 2017.  Ever since, my life has changed drastically for the better.  I've never struggled with acne until I turned 30 last year and got sober.  I tried other places and methods (Skin Laundry, ProActiv, dermatologists, prescription medications, etc) and none of them even come close to the magic Ingrid has done for my skin.  

I've trusted in her process implicitly and it has paid off just as she said it would.  I see Ingrid every two weeks for a Silk Peel (and an eyebrow wax because she does everything so well) with a small chemical peel booster.  I only use the products she carries (which she only sells after trying herself) and follow the regimen she made specifically for my skin.  

I contact her at least twice a week to remind her how grateful I am for her and her amazing skills.  Ingrid genuinely has a compassion for what she does.  Helping people feel better about themselves is her lifes work.  I recommend her all the time to friends and now to you as well!

B Hodis Record Preservation

B Hodis
Record Preservation

“I have been going to Ingrid for approximately tri-annual facials since 2011 to minimize and manage acne and maintain general skin health and resilience. She immediately identified what in my then-current skin care regimen was hurting rather than helping my condition, and gave me practical advice for improvement that was easy to follow day-to-day. Additionally, Ingrid is clearly a professional who does her homework on new developments and products in skin care and understands its science. Schedule a treatment with her if you want skin care and advice customized just for you that will give you results. There is a reason I followed her in her post-Ona career.”

Amy Janon Production

Amy Janon

     "Ingrid Thompson has literally changed my skin as well as my life! I struggled with acne in my teen years and then again as an adult. I was able to manage it while on the pill but certain health issues have now prohibited me from taking it. When I first went off, my skin erupted. I had what I considered moderate to severe acne. I tried every "acne" line of skin care I could get my hands on. The more I stressed over it, the more I broke out. It made me depressed and sometimes I wouldn't even want to leave the house. I was referred to Ingrid from a dear friend of mine who had been going to her for years and always raved about her. The minute I met her, I knew she had compassion as well as the knowledge to treat my skin problems. She inherently cares about her clients. Not only has she managed to clear up my skin, but she has also truly transformed it. I get compliments all the time which is incredible to me considering where I started from. The products she suggested have been AMAZING and the best part is, they work!! She has a vast knowledge about ALL skin care, not just acne. I feel so grateful to have her in my life. I consider her my Angel and would follow her to the ends of the earth!!!!"

Annie Kim Mom/ Finance

Annie Kim
Mom/ Finance

  "I have been coming to Ingrid for waxing every month for the past two years and have I not once liked her service.. ever! 
Professionally, she is very knowledgeable about the beauty and products that are new and trendy. Personally, she is always so friendly and I have no doubt that she would make any of her clients feel comfortable and relaxed during services as I have been.
    In addition to waxing, I'm also excited to consult with her about my skin and book appointments for spot treatments! Absolutely love her and highly recommend High Vibration SkinCare!"

Sue P Owner Cashmere Co

Sue P
Owner Cashmere Co

"I have been going to Ingrid at High Vibration Skincare for some time now.  We have tried a few different processes on my skin, but recently she has used the micro-needling technique.   After the first treatment I really felt that it made a noticeable difference, and felt it was a treatment I would continue with.  I have now had micro- needling about 4 or5 times and with each treatment I feel my wrinkles are diminishing. My skin feels revitalized.  
     Several friends have told me that my skin looks 'amazing', clear and radiant... however, that is always with probably a small amount of make-up.  Imagine my delight when my yoga teacher the other day told me that I looked 5 years younger than the last time he saw me!!  And that was first thing in the morning with NO make-up!!  It made my day!!!"

Amanda Rodriguez Office Manager

Amanda Rodriguez
Office Manager

     “How does one describe exceptional?  Ingrid is a brilliant esthetician, a lovely and caring human being who is always respectful of her clients. A true professional, she listens, takes her time to understand and clarify the issues and always does an exceptional job.”

Leah Joiner Colon Hydrotherpy/Soul Coaching ttp://

Leah Joiner
Colon Hydrotherpy/Soul Coaching

"I simply adore Ingrid. Her space is beautiful, peaceful and elegant. Even after one treatment, my skin looks incredible. I appreciate her honesty and professional advice about how to care for my skin and what she can do to help keep it glowing and radiant. I'm so thrilled to meet and work with a brilliant woman that takes a holistic approach to skin care. I truly can't wait to go back."

Beck Hoehn Acupuncturist/Master Herbalist ttp://

Beck Hoehn
Acupuncturist/Master Herbalist

     "Ingrid is a talented skilled professional AND a miracle worker! Her unique and customized approach to my skin has left it glowing and radiant.  As her treatments have taken years off of my skin people really started to comment on how smooth and supple my skin became in only a couple of weeks.  She is knowledgable in all components of skin care including the importance of nutrition and lifestyle and I have learned a lot from our sessions.  I can not recommend Ingrid and her relaxing setting enough.  Thank you Ingrid!"




Dani Asher Model

Dani Asher

     "Ingrid is amazing! She has the most incredible talent! I began seeing her a few months ago and my skin has turned around beautifully! It's near flawless now! ;)  She is knowledgable and possesses the most innovative products and skin care services. I'm so happy!"


Ingrid transformed my skin within a few treatments!!!  I have suffered from acne for many years. I even used harmful oral and topical medications. Nothing helped. I almost lost my hope.. but then I found High Vibration Skincare! Ingrid's unique approach to my skin issues not only gave me hope but now I can see my skin becoming perfect in a near future! Her amazing facials, peels and diet advice has made my skin completely clear of breakouts! Right now, Ingrid treats my deep acne scars by using one of the most advanced treatments in the market. I cannot believe it but my skin has become smoother after just TWO micro needling sessions! I am so happy I found such a professional and caring person!

Rachel Brewson Finance

Rachel Brewson