Mudnight Magic™ Crystal-Charcoal Mask

Crystal Alchemy Mudnight Magic
Crystal Alchemy Mudnight Magic

Mudnight Magic™ Crystal-Charcoal Mask


High Vibration Skin Care
Powered by Selenite

An elevated blend of mineral rich clays, activated charcoal, and selenite crystal work as a magnet to draw dirt, toxins, pathogens, oxidized sebum and poisonous “energies” trapped deep in the pores.  Exfoliates, brightens pigmentation and heals scarring, boosts collagen production, dissolves unhealthy attachments, dispels toxic emotions in the skin, instill feelings of cleansing, energizing and forgiveness.

Made by Crystal Alchemy™ | 4 oz

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Fullers Earth, Diatomaceous Clay, Bentonite, Activated Charcoal, Licorice Root, and Selenite.

 Selenite Properties (Crown Chakra)

  • Repairs free radical damage including ages spots and wrinkles

  • Good luck and protection from negative energy sources through thoughts or electronic devices

  • Expands awareness of self

  • Calms and soothes, bringing a deep sense of tranquility and peace 

  • Brings mental clarity and strengthens memory.