Biohack Your Skin

Biohacking your skin involves purging and eliminating toxins deep in the skin and in turn improving blood flow in order to feed your cells with the nutrients needed to perform optimally. Osmosis SkinCare uses is a revolutionary organic medical skincare line formulated with the most active and naturally-derived ingredients. Osmosis is the first to offer DNA protection and repair with the use of Zinc Finger Technology™ as well as liposome-delivered stem cell growth factors that dramatically improve the skin's ability to restore its youth.  

Each ingredient undergoes a purification process which only the positive effects of the ingredient remain. The remaining ingredients are "Chirally Correct" which ensures that only the most active and least irritating form of the ingredient are being used.  This is especially important when liposomal technology is being used to drive ingredients deep into the dermis.

FACIAL INFUSION                                                                                   60 MIN / $175.00
The most advanced treatment for holistic facial rejuvenation today. Organic medical skincare boosts skin health, vitality and resilience. A non-acid peel formula with advanced liposomal technology delivers active ingredients deep into the skin where it's needed.  Enhancing skin nutrition and blood flow strengthens your skin's natural ability to repair and protect its DNA, reversing damage and slowing the aging process.  Promotes a youthful glow, proper moisture balance and even complexion.  Effectively treats acne, scar tissue, broken capillaries, thinning skin, rosacea, and age spots.

FACIAL INFUSION   with Power Boost                                           90 MIN  /  $250
Facial infusion w/revitapen enhancement tool, micro-current, galvanic or sound waves to enhance penetration of active ingredients.

REVITAPEN ENHANCEMENT                              $50
A non-invasive device that gently exfoliates while creating micro-channels in the skin to enhance nutrient absorption to create visible and instant results. Skin will experience increased hydration, reduction of fine lines, wrinkles and age spots, improvement of skin texture and diminishing scar tissue and blemishes.