Custom Facials

The goal of each customized facial is to purge the skin of impurities, nourish and replenish the cells and leave the skin balanced and refreshed.

PURIFY                                                                                                           60 MIN $150 / 75 MIN $175
A powerful elixir of AHA’s, botanicals and antioxidants purify and energize dull and congested skin.  This facial helps kill acne causing bacteria, clears deep pore congestion and increases circulation leaving the skin calm and balanced.

NOURISH                                                                                                          60 MIN $150 / 75 MIN $175
This restorative facial uses gentle enzymes and lactic acid to slough away dead skin cells.  A combination of oxygen, vitamins and peptides hydrate and repair dry and dehydrated skin types.  Skin is restored and refreshed.  

RADIANCE                                                                                                     75 MIN / $175
A synergy of micro-current, vitamin infusion and LED light soothe, rejuvenate and quench even the most troubled skin. Lymphatic drainage, plumping and lifting technologies work together to leave you ready to strut down the red carpet.

RESTORE                                                                                                          75 MIN /  $200
Energize and restore luminosity to your complexion with this power packed facial. A synergy of microdermabrasion, mild chemical peel and oxygen assists cellular repair mechanisms to provide visible, immediate, and progressive results.

Deeply nourishing facial using Crystal Alchemy™ organic products and crystal energy healing to treat acne, wounds, scars, and photo-damage. Good for all skin types especially uneven textures, environmentally damaged, barrier impaired, dehydrated, or inflamed skin. Targets BOTH cellular and emotional components of skin issues. Therapeutic grade essential oils and crystal vibrational properties work synergistically through topical application and aromatherapy to increase cellular and energetic circulation, clear physical and psychic debris, boost the skin’s ability to absorb and utilize nutrients and ignite cellular repair, strengthen relationship with self, assists in releasing trapped emotions in the skin and raising your vibration.


Add Ons. Include any modality to any facial for an added OOMPH.

Vitamin Infusion >>>>———-—>>> $35.00

MicroCurrent >>>>—————>>> $35.00

Oxygen >>>>—-———->>> $25.00

Peel Booster >>>>—————>>> $50.00

Retinol Booster >>>>—————>>> $50.00

Perfect treat for the holidays!  All gift cards$150 or more purchased through December 31st you receive a $25 gift card for yourself to be used towards service of your choice. 

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