Eczema.  UGH.  What a pain in the butt,  "sporadic", itchy, red, scaly skin that just won't budge.  If you're someone who likes to get to the bottom symptoms,  rather than suppress them, you've come to the right place.   High Vibration SkinCare treats eczema with a holistic approach in order to eliminate infection, strengthen your immune system, facilitate detox and skin repair. 

When you're experiencing an" eczematic episode" it's important to remember that your body is NOT the enemy.  Quite the opposite.  In fact, it's fighting hard to protect you from toxins,  irritants and pathogens and unfortunately the rash is a result of this battle.  Symptoms can be downright debilitating physically while leaving you feeling hopeless and disconnected from life and others.  As hard as it can be, don't allow yourself  to emotionally downward spiral.  Remember, EVERYTHING is temporary. Your body is giving you a message that something needs attention.    Take control of your thoughts, connect with your inner you, trust the process, and see the forest through the trees.  Take action every single day to avoid irritants, facilitate detox and calm inflammation and reduce stress. You'll get through this.

Anyone who has suffered from eczema can agree that if we look, we can find valuable life lessons in dealing with skin disorders, or any health crisis for that matter.  Like total love and acceptance of ourself, TRUSTing our body,  being flexible and willing to change  old patterns and habits that no longer work for us (or our body).  If we stubbornly grasp to old ways of doing things, the symptoms not only persist but could get worse.  Taking constructive action is the answer.

You may have heard there is no cure for eczema, only symptom control.   Remember, skin doesn't "flare up" without good reason.  There is ALWAYS a reason. And that reason, once found, can be remedied.  Your body is a magnificent masterpiece that is programmed to thrive.   You don't have to suffer forever. Just know that eczema doesn't exist without a cause; and triggers are usually just a piece of the puzzle.  With dedication,  determination, flexibility and curiosity you can drastically reduce the severity of your outbreaks and heal your skin fast, naturally. Help is here. 

Let's get you free from this rash, once and for all. 

 ECZEMA RELIEF                                                                                            75 MIN / $200

Ease patchy, red and scaly skin with several gentle yet powerful modalities to promote healing and reduce inflammation providing immediate relief and strengthen repair mechanisms. Includes Silk Peel Dermal Infusion, LED Light & Vitamin Infusion with electrical currents and sound waves . Should be done in 2 week intervals to return skin to its' natural, healthy state.
Lymphatic Drainage with Chilled Jade Rollers, Micro Current and take home collagen sheet mask- wear for one hour

RELIEVE                                                                                                                 60 MIN/$175

Ideal for eczema maintenance.  Treatment includes LED light therapy, micro-current,  vitamin infusion and oxygen. Can be done 1-3 times a week.