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Skin Perfection Series: The Lipid Barrier

Skin Perfection Series:                                                            The Lipid Barrier

Did you know that healthy barrier function is perhaps one of the most important aspects of skin health and aging?

According to medical skin experts, optimal skin health reflects the following key elements:

  • Healthy Barrier Function

  • Flexibility and Strength

  • Even Color 

  • Good Circulation

  • Hydration

  • “Bounceback”

As our skin's first line of defense to the outside world, the outer layer of skin, the Stratum Corneum (CF), is a protective, waterproof shield consisting of dead, protein-rich skin cells containing Natural Moisturizing Factors (NMF) which help bind water to the cells. Surrounding these cells are lipids such as ceramides, cholesterol and fatty acid. Together this protective matrix of protein, water, and oil function to prevent water evaporating from the skin and from external threats and irritants entering our skin. If our barrier has been impaired by over washing, exfoliating, harsh ingredients, excessively hot showers or neglect, we are vulnerable to invasion of pathogens, environmental pollutants including chemicals, heavy metals, EMF's and other sources of damaging particles.

Biohack Your Skin

If you're passionate about healthy living, you may have heard the hype around the word "hacking" these days. Our collective desire to stay young and vibrant for as long as possible is the driving force behind new health discoveries.  We can "hack" into the complexities of our neurological systems for sharper thinking and emotional well-being, our metabolism for weight maintenance and physical endurance, and yes, our skin for clear and radiant skin at any age.  This buzzword word simply means alternating something in our environment to assist healthy cell function. 

Skin Rejuvenation

Skin Rejuvenation

Preserving skin health and longevity has been at the heart of my practice for almost 15 years. I’ve always been amazed at our skins’ ability to rejuvenate itself.  We can really put it through the ringer and it manages to find its way back to balance. That’s because our skin’s natural state of being IS balance, free from irritation, patchiness, dryness, break-outs, and even most wrinkling.