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The Sunscreen Debate

The Sunscreen Debate

It's hard to believe we're already midsummer and oh man is the heat on! 

ln addition to being a top source of Vitamin D3 needed for balanced hormones, a strong immune system, brain, bones and teeth, sunshine has an energizing and uplifting effect on our soul. 

So how can we reap the benefits of these golden rays without worrying about free radical damage from UV radiation? Do we wear sunscreen or don't we? Sun protection is a subject in hot debate.. some even say sunscreen can do more harm than good! Which camp are you in?

For me, I vote for sunscreen. Especially with Swedish and Irish descent, my skin is very susceptible to sun damage. I grew up in Hawaii where the sun is beaming nearly every day, year-round. My mom was very conscientious of protecting my face so I was always slathered in Zinc Oxide. Looking like a mime was not so great for my social life, but great for preventing premature aging! Now I'm grateful, back then not so much.