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The Secret to Beautiful Skin

The Secret to Beautiful Skin

Cracking the code for skin that makes everyone want your beauty secrets can be like going down a rabbit hole without a map. My personal journey began at 16 and the course of action continually changes over the years.  What’s the secret to beautiful skin? It’s simple. Figuring out what our skin needs to thrive throughout each unique phase of life and modifying our approach in response.

Beautiful Skin 101:  

      It’s important to know that cells communicate by sending and receiving signals. Signals can come from the environment or from other cells. To trigger a response these signals must be transmitted across cell membranes or via cell receptors. If our skin isn’t healthy, communication between cells is disrupted and our skin will be susceptible to rapid aging and issues such as acne, redness, pigmentation, wrinkling and volume loss. 

Spring Cleaning for Health & Beauty

1) Purge.  Get rid of old cosmetics, brushes, sponges and products that are expired or just collecting dust. Old products are a breeding ground for bacteria as well as lose their effectiveness.

2) Sunscreen. Although we should be wearing our sunscreen year-round, its best to ramp up sunscreen application as sunnier days arrive. Try using a one step product such as Vital Assist Make UP Primer Sunscreen or Osmosis Harmonized H20 UV Neutralizer.  It's recommended to reapply several times throughout the day to ensure maximum protection.  Adding antioxidants to your skincare routine will help boost your sunscreens ability to protect you from UV damage.