Trapped Emotions

Trapped Emotions and the Skin

Trapped Emotions and the Skin

Have you considered releasing trapped emotions as part of your beauty regime?

Flawless skin, vibrant health, That's what we want, isn't it? Some of us will do just about anything for it. You could say I'm in that camp. I've had leech facials, mud baths, carbon dioxide injections, ozone therapy, cryotherapy, fibroplasma ... just to name a few. I'm up for just about anything beauty or health-related (if it's holistic).

Recently, one of my dear clients asked how I stay so young looking. Um yes… at 45, that is sweet music to my ears!!! Although genetics plays an important role in the aging process, if my goal is to stay as young as possible for as long as possible, I believe my fate lies in my hands. Staying accountable for self care rituals and strong foundation of diet, exercise and sleep. However, even if all these things are on point, a much larger part of staying young is releasing toxic energy. Nothing ages us faster than stress and negative emotion build-up.

Emotions can become trapped in the body and create resonance with surrounding cells, tissues and organs. Even if you haven't heard the term "trapped emotion", we've all been impacted by the heaviness of lingering negativity and the liberation of emotional relief.