Do IPL's damage the skin?

Are lasers and IPL's worth it?

My clients have always asked my opinion about lasers and IPL’s.   I used to love them.  I’ve personally had both IPL and Fraxel and can’t deny how instantly the skin seems refreshed and renewed.   But now I know better.  Unfortunately, in most cases, it’s a quick fix rather than solving the underlying cause.   

Lasers and IPL’s use multiple wavelengths of high intensity light
simultaneously (think extreme heat) to induce a wound healing response, stimulate collagen and elastin and speed up cell renewal. The promise?  A more youthful and clear complexion.  Lasers and IPL's are marketed to treat visible capillaries, scars, rosacea, pigmentation.  It's now being understood that this "extreme heat" process to stimulate an "emergency repair response" actually damages the skin further and accelerates aging.