Middle Aged: Crisis or Comeback?

The wrinkles and less defined jawline. Less camera love and jeans that don’t fit like they used to.  Mystery bumps and lumps popping up like ground hogs and gray hair sprouting like wildflowers.  AHHHH.  The joys of middle-agedom. I’m a 44 year old grandmother and things are starting to get real.   I recently found myself keenly aware of the lightning speed in which years fly by, pondering life’s existential meaning.   After obsessively scrutinizing the loss in volume in my face and neck, it dawned on me that I’m the youngest I’m ever going to be RIGHT NOW.  And that NOW changes incredibly fast.  So I may as well embrace it and enjoy the ride.   As an esthetician and health coach the quest for eternal youthfulness is not only a passion but also a core part of my life’s work and mission.  I’m responsible for keeping my clients young and vibrant, and truthfully I want to age as gracefully as possible.  When our personal passions are married with our life’s work, it’s magic.  I vigilantly research new skin rejuvenation techniques, ingredients and products that both safely turn back the hands of time, and preserve our reserves for the long haul.  I love it.  But these things are only part of the equation.  Growing old gracefully means continually loving every part of ourselves as things inevitably change while doing everything we can to promote healthy aging physically, mentally and spiritually. 

Powerful detox foods

Powerful detox foods

If our cells get blocked and are unable to expel waste and take in nutrients, this can cascade into more serious blockages in our blood and organs as well causing a host of issues including acne, premature aging, cellulite and sluggishness and eventually disease.  Luckily, eating the right foods and supplements can greatly reduce our toxic load and help our bodies find balance and homeostasis.  I have compiled a list of the most powerful detox foods and supplements that can be incorporated into your current diet or as a complete detox program such as The Beauty Detox.  

Trying to minimize processed foods, sugar, dairy and meats is the best way to support your body's natural detoxification processes. The less we consume things that are harmful the less our body has to work to eliminate.