Tools of Transformation

Microcurrent is truly a holistic facelift as it optimizes cell function without inducing the wound repair response (ie inflammation). This means, we are not depleting our reserves, rather providing our cells with more energy to optimize naturally! 

Also known as facial toning, microcurrent firms and tones the muscles using a 2 directional low-level current that mimics the biological current in your body.  The current improves the health and vitality of skin cells by stimulating mitochondrial function and ATP production, the energy source of our cells.  Without ATP, the human body does not function effectively and will eventually deteriorate.  The body does not store ATP instead it produces it on an as-needed basis.  Thus, stimulating ATP is very effective for lengthening the life of the cells as gravity, toxins, illness and natural aging will eventually drain your ATP reserves.

Increased levels of ATP has many biological benefits including boosting and improved:

⭐Cellular repair & free radical protection
⭐Protein synthesis
⭐Natural collagen and elastin production without inducing wound response
⭐Circulation for detox and waste removal
⭐Healthy cell growth cycles
⭐Firming of nerves and muscle fibers.

Visible benefits include:

🔷Diminished lines and wrinkles
🔷Toned and tighter skin
🔷Lifting, firming & plumping
🔷Clear and bright complexion. 

In order to retain results, one should perform microcurrent treatments either in the clinic or at home (or a combination of both). Optimal micro-current program:

☪  2-3x week for the first 8 weeks
☪   1-2x  week for 4-6 weeks
☪   Biweekly for 8 weeks
☪  Monthly maintenance moving forward  

Pro Tips:

💠 Should be done consistently for optimal results.  It’s just like going to the gym, we wouldn’t go once and expect to have a beach body? 👙🧐 

 💠BE sure to drink plenty of water before and after microcurrent, to allow for proper conductivity, and since lymph drainage is activated you could feel nauseous if you do not drink enough water after the treatment.