How Scalp Care Helps Promote a Youthful Face

It's a very exciting time in the skincare industry. Slowing the hands of time is of great interest to many, and with modern advancements in technology and ingredients, anti-aging strategies can preserve the youth and vitality of our skin for many years to come. Currently, the hottest topic in the anti-aging industry is PREVENTION.

Turns out that youthful skin starts at the top! AKA, your scalp. Yup. Simple enough right?!  When analyzing the face lift, skincare researchers recognized that the part that gets cut is never the face, but rather parts of loose scalp in order to "lift" the skin on the face back to its original position. So um duh.. reducing aging on the skin of the scalp ensures it remains healthy and in prime condition, slowing down sagging and in turn helping maintain a firmer, more youthful face.

Due to chemicals, environmental exposure and the weight of gravity literally holding everything together, it's been found that our scalp ages about 20 times faster than the skin on our face.   

Until recently, treating the scalp has primarily targeted hair loss, dandruff or scalp issues, but not anymore. Scalp health truly can be the difference between maintaining your youthful complexion and well.. not.  If we ignore our scalps we are missing a huge opportunity to slow the aging process, prevent sagging, gravitational wrinkles and keep our youthful glow.

With that said, it's important to exfoliate, nourish and hydrate the scalp on a daily basis just like our skin. In addition to slowing the aging process, you will also find a balanced, healthy scalp will prevent hair loss and promote thicker shinier hair. It may a few extra minutes to your routine as the scalp is a little trickier to treat, but is certainly worth your attention and investment.

Areas of Concern:

💠Cleanse Dead Skin and Dried Sebum
💠Increase circulation and detoxification
💠Treat skin irritations, imbalances and infections
💠Nourish and hydrate the scalp and lessen moisture loss
💠Stimulate and rejuvenate follicle will repair damage and boost hair growth
💠Protect against environmental damage

Some ingredients to look for:
💠Hyaluronic Acid
💠Black Currant