Live long and look good doing it

Clean Eating. The number 1 thing we can do to slow the aging process. What exactly does "clean" mean?

Naturally, everyone's version will revolve around taste preferences and sensitivities. But universally, to arm your cells with superpowers, it's our job to feed it a diet free from harmful toxins and chemicals. To me, this means organic, nutrient-dense foods, rather than empty calories and processed foods. Personally, I live by a 90/10 rule. 90% of what I eat is for fuel, beauty and health benefits, 10% is for (hopefully) non-guilty pleasures. That doesn't mean that my 90% doesn't taste good! I crave fruits and veggies. They are the staples of my diet.

If you're wanting to get on the clean team, the following tips will help you get on the right track.

đź”·Choose whole foods groups over previously prepared or boxed foods

đź”·Choose deep and brightly colored fruits and vegetables for high vitamin and mineral content

đź”·Cooking at home provides an opportunity to ensure your meals are packed with only the best ingredients

đź”·Choosing animal proteins not treated with antibiotics or hormones, humanely treated, wildly caught, grass-fed, free range

đź”·Maintaining balanced blood sugar levels by avoiding refined sugar, grains and bread

đź”·Practicing proper food combining strategies to optimize digestion. Leaky gut is considered the main source of inflammation in the body.

đź”·Quality over Quantity. "Crowding out" is a great tactic to effortlessly weed out the bad, and introduce more of the good. By eating more nutrient-dense foods, you won't be hungry for the not so healthy foods.

đź”·Organic is best. Glyphosate, a prevalently used pesticide on US crops that rapidly kills gut bacteria creating dysbiosis. Without an ample supply of healthy bacteria, our immune function is impaired making us susceptible to skin problems, infections and health issues.

Not only will you FEEL great eating a clean diet but you will be providing your body with the raw materials it needs to optimize cell function and repair mechanisms in the skin and body, boost protein synthesis, protect collagen and elastin reserves, fight free radical damage and boost our immune system.

Live long and look good doing it. #SorryNot Sorry #HealthyAging #FoodMatters