Trapped Emotions and the Skin

Have you considered releasing trapped emotions as part of your beauty regime?

Flawless skin, vibrant health, That's what we want, isn't it? Some of us will do just about anything for it. You could say I'm in that camp. I've had leech facials, mud baths, carbon dioxide injections, ozone therapy, cryotherapy, fibroplasma ... just to name a few. I'm up for just about anything beauty or health-related (if it's holistic).

Recently, one of my dear clients asked how I stay so young looking, and that she and another mutual client couldn't figure it out. UM... yes… at 45, that was sweet music to my ears!!! #SorryNotSorry! LOL. After graciously accepting the compliment, I explained that although genetics plays an important role in the aging process, if my goal is to stay as YOUNG as possible for as LONG as possible, I believe my fate lies in my hands. Staying accountable for self care rituals and strong foundation of diet, exercise and sleep. Stuff we all know. However, even if all these things are on point, a much larger part of staying young is releasing toxic energy. Nothing ages us faster than stress and negative emotion build-up.

Emotions can become trapped in the body and create resonance with surrounding cells, tissues and organs. Even if you haven't heard the term "trapped emotion", we've all been impacted by the heaviness of lingering negativity and the liberation of emotional relief.

In physics, the law of conservation of energy states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed. It can be conserved, transferred or changed from one form to another. For instance, food is digested to convert chemical energy into other forms of energy used by cells. Thoughts and experiences will emit chemicals, known to us as “emotions” resulting in a vibrational pattern of energy. Depending on the severity of the emotion and our ability to work through them, these vibrations can remain stuck in the body indefinitely creating a host of issues instantly or down the road.

The bottom line: Whether positive or negative, the experiences we have and thoughts we repeatedly think whether conscious or subconscious emit chemical energy.Since energy is constantly flowing around and inside us, it makes sense that certain “vibrations” can have ill-effects on our health.  Medical research studies have linked stressful, negative emotions to disease and hopeful, positive emotions to spontaneous and rapid healing.

For centuries ancient medicinal practices have linked different body organs and specific emotions. For example, Traditional Chinese Medicine has a system that maps these connections to guide treatments and promote healing. It is believed that the liver is the organ of anger, lungs sadness and anxiety, the heart agitation and over-excitement, the spleen obsessive thinking and worry, kidneys fear and fright.

Further, our skin is a shield that protects us not only from environmental toxins and pathogens but also negative energy and thought forms from the outside world.  Over time, our body stores these "energy bombs" that can eventually lead to health and skin problems, depression, anxiety, low self-esteem.

When our detox pathways become sluggish and overwhelmed with toxins, dead cell matter, dead pathogens AND TRAPPED EMOTIONS our skin becomes an emergency escape route. What can we do to make sure we are protecting our selves from accumulating toxic emotions in our bodies and avoiding uncomfortable symptoms?

These are the steps I take to make sure I keep my energy field pure and clean.


When we find ourselves being reactive to a certain situation, don’t try to squelch or push down the emotion; this can actually cause the emotion to become trapped. Instead, acknowledge, breathe through it but don’t act on it. Being able to process perceived negative events in a healthy way allows us to see the balance in all life events. Even when an experience appears to be bad, we can always find the hidden gift. We’ve all had times in our life that once we considered tragedies we can now look back with gratitude. Forgive. Let go. Detach. Move on. Make space. Detox. This decluttering is essential to releasing trapped emotions in the body.


As we heal, we may experience symptoms. Just know that your body is trying to rid itself of anything that interferes with perfect health. This may come in the form of skin issues, especially rashes, pigmentation, and acne. There is always an emotional and physical component contributing to these issues. The Emotion Code by Brad Nelson is an extremely effective technique for clearing trapped emotions that we are unaware of. When purging, we can assist our body in releasing these toxins through self care, exercise, eating a healthy whole food diet, minimizing chemicals in our environment, drinking and cleansing using purified high quality water.


We all have an energy field around us. If we don’t have a consistent practice to protect ourselves, we can internalize and absorb other people’s projections as our own. This is very common especially for empaths. I can walk into a room and feel the energy (whether people are there or not), I can read and feel other peoples energy by just spending a few minutes with them. It's important to know the difference between "our stuff" and projections from others. We can protect our energy fields and get clear about our boundaries with visualizations and meditations such as Marla Martenson's High Frequency Meditation, Epsom salt baths. If you work with people, evening showers are non-negotiable.

Right View. 

According to the Buddhist Noble Eight-Fold Path the wisdom of clear vision is essential to enlightenment. I believe seeing things as they really are rather than projecting fantasies or emotionally attaching meaning to things will not only allow us to make better choices but also improve our health. Since the subconscious mind does not differentiate between real and imagined events, every time we watch the news, or read a book or worry; our body reacts emotionally and physiologically as if the events are actually happening in the present moment. This means that we have the ability to create and possibly trap negative emotions by simply imagining the worst! Our physiological reaction to stressful situations are to release cortisol which has destructive effects on our body and causes a vicious cycle of more negative thinking, feeling and reacting. Once we bring awareness to the connection between a health concern such as a skin issue and an emotional component, we begin to dissolve and release those emotions allowing our body to heal.

Crystals & Essential Oils.

The healing and uplifting power of crystals and essential oils are a wonderful tool to help clear, and protect us from accumulating toxic emotions. Whether it be placed in homes, used for meditation or worn on the body, people have been using crystals for centuries for their healing, high vibrational properties. They hold the ability to supercharge their surrounding environment making ingredients making more effective. For example, rose quartz and amethyst naturally vibrate at a higher frequency promoting an alkaline environment, increased cellular energy, micro-circulation and clarity.  The elevated frequency emitted from crystals creates more alkaline environment and increased oxygen content which provides more hydration and circulation while soothing and energizing the skin. Black tourmaline and kyanite are very protective to energetic boundaries, clear quartz helps with instilling clarity around this.



One of the best ways to rid negative energies is to harness the power of deep breathing. When we feel anxious or stressed, it's a tendency to breathe more shallow breaths that are focused in the chest. In order to induce calm and release stress, begin to slow the breath to at least a count of 4 in and out through the nostrils. Breathing out through the mouth using a strong cleansing breath can be very detoxifying and get trapped emotions moving up and out.


Keeping ourselves aware of what's going on inside us, and addressing it. Whether it means letting it go, or having a difficult conversation, working on or ending a relationship that is no longer serving us. All this keeps us clean and clear, moving towards a more pure energetic system inside and around us. This, my friend is how we stay young for years to come.