Anti Aging Ingredient #1

Hyaluronic acid has been used in the cosmetic industry for many years to keep our skin hydrated and youthful.  HA, is a water binding component found in the deeper layers of our skin alongside collagen and elastin. It’s function is to bind and hold water in order to provide cushion to our joints, turgor & elasticity to our skin. As we age, our bodies produce less HA so supplementation is necessary.

When it comes to topical skincare, size matters.  Size of the molecules that is.  This is a gross simplification of the absorption and assimilation process of our skin, but in general, the smaller the molecule, the deeper the penetration is possible.  Ideally, we want anti-aging ingredients to travel to the deeper layers of skin as possible so that it can feed our dermis with the building blocks it needs to perform at an optimal level.  HA helps keep our skin youthful due to it's versatile functions. 

While larger molecules of HA can prevent water loss on the outside, smaller molecules are able to help keep our connective fibers and tissues moist to provide suppleness and elasticity on the inside.  Using products with both small and large molecular sizes will provide ample protection for water loss and boost our cells ability to absorb nutrients and get rid of cellular waste and toxic substances, keeping your skin and body fluid and vibrant.

Keeping our skin hydrated is not only one of the pillars of healthy aging, but crucial to keeping our skin resilient to change and rejuvenation.