Middle Aged: Crisis or Comeback?

A Beauty Junkie's Guide to Creating an Electric Life at Any Age

The wrinkles and less defined jawline. Less camera love and jeans that don’t fit like they used to. Mystery bumps and lumps popping up like ground hogs and gray hair sprouting like wildflowers.  AHHHH.  The joys of middle-agedom. I’m a 44 year old grandmother and things are starting to get real.   I recently found myself keenly aware of the lightning speed in which years fly by, pondering life’s existential meaning.   After obsessively scrutinizing the loss in volume in my face and neck, it dawned on me that I’m the youngest I’m ever going to be RIGHT NOW.  And that NOW changes incredibly fast.  So I may as well embrace it and enjoy the ride.   As an esthetician and health coach the quest for eternal youthfulness is not only a passion but also a core part of my life’s work and mission.  I’m responsible for keeping my clients young and vibrant, and truthfully I want to age as gracefully as possible.  When our personal passions are married with our life’s work, it’s magic.  I vigilantly research new skin rejuvenation techniques, ingredients and products that both safely turn back the hands of time, and preserve our reserves for the long haul.  I love it.  But these things are only part of the equation.  Growing old gracefully means continually loving every part of ourselves as things inevitably change while doing everything we can to promote healthy aging physically, mentally and spiritually. 

I’m grateful to have the freedom and resources that allow me to indulge in self care rituals, highly nutritious foods, herbal and vitamin supplements, beauty services, and fitness memberships.  Healthy aging also requires a resilient mindset and dedication to “not sweating the small stuff” while investing in only life affirming, inspiring and fulfilling activities and relationships.

A Beauty Junkie’s Guide to Creating an Electric Life

1.    Forgive others and yourself for any disappointments, hurts or betrayals. Resentment makes us old and ugly. There are many workshops, meditations and books on this topic.  Healing and letting go of yucky feelings and memories are the only way to live a fully inspired life.

   “It is unnatural to our Divine design to let our thoughts live for too long in the past; such an imbalance creates time warps that interfere with our ability to live in the present and receive spiritual guidance each day.  That guidance will make no sense to us if we focus only on unraveling the mysteries of yesterday.  If we live fully in the present moment, the mysteries of yesterday will gradually be unraveled for us.” Carolyn Myss The Anatomy of Spirit

2.     Get your beauty sleep.  Stop burning the candle at both ends, overextending yourself through social engagements or working excessively long hours.  The body’s healing and restorative processes work their best when we are resting, as our body’s requirement for energy is at it’s lowest and only being used to sustain autonomic nervous system functions such as heart beat, breathing and dreaming.   Most adults need roughly 8 hours of sleep each night.  Depriving oneself on sleep is weakens the immune system, has been linked to weight gain, mood swings, low libido and less sharp thinking.

3.     Reduce consumption of alcohol and late nights out.  Alcohol is not only damaging to our livers, it causes free radical damage, dehydrates and thins the skin causing redness and broken capillaries, increases memory loss and depression and impairs overall brain function.  As we age, we feel the affects of drinking much more than our younger years, as our robust bodies were more equipped to deal with the toxic load and perhaps we didn’t seem to mind (or notice) the consequences. 

4.     Take time to prioritize the most important things in your life. It’s way to easy to let the years slip by when our days are filled will constant errands, chores, and social obligations that don’t truly contribute to our life’s mission.  This includes a fulfilling career, relationships that are positive and leave you feeling uplifted.  It’s ok to let relationships go that aren’t in alignment with who you are now, just because you’ve known them since middle school. When we create an open space in our life, we make room for things that are new and more in alignment with who we are.  A study by a nurse working in a hospice unit interviewed her patients in their final days about their biggest regrets.  Not surprising that the top regrets involved the correlation between misused time and priorities.  Read the interview here.

5.     Don’t stop rockin those sexy outfits.  The best way to stay feeling young is to feel SEXY and feminine.  Do your makeup, hair, wear beautiful jewelry, do your nails, wear stylish clothes, dresses etc. 

6.     Stop eating food that makes your feel crummy. This is the body’s way of letting you know it’s not good for you.  One person’s food is another’s poison.  Even if it’s considered a health food, if you feel bloated, tired, lethargic, achy, foggy or get breakouts after you eat it. Probably not good for you.   I found logging each meal in a food diary and noting how I felt after each meal helped me pinpoint foods that weren’t working for me and instead focus on foods that energize me.

7.     Check your skin for abnormal growths with a dermatologist or esthetician at least twice a year.  When found early, pre-cancerous or malignant growths can be removed before causing devastating consequences. 

8.     Cultivate real energy.  This comes from giving your body ample rest and supporting your adrenals. The adrenal glands are responsible for activating the stress response, as well as regulating adrenaline and cortisol, which aid in energy, sleep and healthy stress response. Instead of drinking coffee or energy drinks try Ginseng, Vitamin B complex, Cordyceps mushroom, Gynostemma Tea, Royal Jelly, Maca or even cashews.  These superfoods and superherbs boost natural energy, our immune system and support a healthy stress response. 

9.     Exercise. If you don’t use it you lose it. As middle aged, we’re extremely prone to stiffness and loss of flexibility.  We also are starting to lose muscle tone, collagen in our skin as well as lubrication in our joints. Calcification happens when there is a lack of hydration and blood flow to the area.  Staying active is a great way to support fresh oxygen flow throughout our body and keep us juicy and vibrant.

10. Get on an amazing skincare program.  Top ingredients for aging skincare include Vitamin A and Vitamin C, stem cells, peptides, hyaluronic acid and omega fatty acids.

11. Do a detox  at least once a year. We wouldn’t expect our car to work indefinitely without ever changing the oil. Well, it’s the same for our bodies. Elimination and detoxification are the keystones of our health.    Each day, we’re exposed to harmful substances in the air we breathe, foods we eat, products we put on our skin and use in our home.  The ability of our cells to expel waste and absorb nutrients is ESSENTIAL to our overall health and well-being, slow the aging process, as well as our happiness, clarity and focus.  Just like getting a tune-up for our car, a periodic cleanse helps remove unwanted toxins and pathogens from our organs and blood prevents the onset of chronic diseases and premature aging.  Since Toxic overload symptoms happen over time, it can sometimes be overlooked or labeled as “just getting old”.  Degenerative diseases are the #1 most preventable cause of illness today.  If we provide the necessary maintenance, our bodies don’t have to decline into illness. 

12. Keep your mind healthy by giving it brain food. It’s easy to fall into the boobtube trap, as hours slip away watching hours of our favorite program. This is coming from someone who watched all 6 seasons of Drop Dead Diva in a month.  But TV won’t keep our brains healthy, preserve sharp thinking and memory as the years pass. It’s about balance.  Although it can be a wonderful source of entertainment, mood boost or even comfort, it’s dangerous when we the TV be our main source of thinking. Read books, do cross word puzzles, engage in a hobbies like painting, making jewelry or even gardening.

13. Stop comparing yourself to others and even the old you. The one in pictures 20 years ago?  The one with plump cheeks and crazy shiny hair?  20 years from now you’ll be thinking the same thing about you now. So enjoy the youngest YOU you will ever be. 

Getting older is one of the unavoidable things in life.  It’s how we see it.  Age is but a number.   It’s about living with an open heart, being curious, flexible and willing to try new things and taking care of our body, mind and soul.   Electrify your life, at any age. 

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