Biohack Your Skin

If you're passionate about healthy living, you may have heard the hype around the word "hacking" these days. Our collective desire to stay young and vibrant for as long as possible is the driving force behind new health discoveries.  We can "hack" into the complexities of our neurological systems for sharper thinking and emotional well-being, our metabolism for weight maintenance and physical endurance, and yes, our skin for clear and radiant skin at any age.  This buzzword word simply means alternating something in our environment to assist healthy cell function. 

To hack into our skin health, our mission is to find and eliminate toxic skincare ingredients  that are “polluting” our bodies, corroding our health and aging our skin overtime.  Once we create space in our cells, we can supply the necessary nutrients needed to boost cell function. Toxin binding ingredients such as Manjistha & Neem (Aryuvedic herbs), 1,3 beta Glucan (fiber), bentonite clay, zeolite, and charcoal assist the body in purifying the cells.

Start with reading food and skincare ingredient lists.  If you have a product that has a long list of words you can’t pronounce or have never heard of, there’s a good chance you have a toxic product in your hands.  If ever in doubt, you can go to EWG's Skin Deep Cosmetic Database to find out the toxicity level of many popular skincare products.  EWG is part of the holistic health movement and is not for profit, designed to help promote health to consumers throughout the country.

Nourishing the cells with nutrients such as vitamins A,C, E, niacinamide, antioxidants, peptides, probiotics, and fatty acids will replenish the cells with the essential building blocks to optimize cell function and preserve and prolong skin health and radiance.  Look for natural products with liposome technology for deep penetration of ingredients rather than just sitting at the surface of the skin.  

While choosing a product that is naturally derived and organic is ALWAYS better than choosing one that is chemical laden, if it hasn’t gone through the necessary purification process to "chirally correct" the ingredients, it can irritate the skin.  Knowing how the product was formulated will help you choose the best options for you and your specific skin needs.

My Top Biohacking Skin Picks:

Osmosis Skincare,  formulated by Dr. Ben Johnson, is among the elite of biohacking skincare. I use Osmosis in my personal skincare routine as well as in my treatment room to clear acne, scarring, pigmentation and give skin that healthy glow. Organic ingredients, liposome delivery system detoxify and nourish the deep layers of skin while DNA protection and repair remodel the dermis.  

Restoration SkinCare is formulated by Sarah Bbeauty, an Emmy nominated make-up artist,  a Nutritional Biochemist and Esthetician.   She believes that we shouldn’t be feeding our skin anything that we wouldn’t put it in our own mouths.  Her hand crafted vegan body butters are loaded with fatty acids and antioxidants to deeply hydrate and nourish the skin. 

Biohacking your skin is a lifelong process. So be easy and gentle about things. Remember, a tree doesn't grow overnight, weeds do.  Bit by bit you can eliminate harmful toxins and replace them with healing, energizing, and life giving ingredients.  By doing so, you'll glow from the inside out, ignite beautiful skin now and for years to come!!