Yes, Toners Are Necessary

1.  Toners are crucial to the cleansing process.  Toner removes the final residue of make-up, dirt & oil leftover cleanser and unless you are using filtered water to cleanse your skin, there is chlorine, calcium, flouride and other heavy metals in the water that will be left on the skin.  When the chemicals dry, they shrink, leaving a white film, and ultimately leaving you feeling tight and dry.   If you put a moisturizer directly on top of these chemicals, you will continue to dull and dry the skin.  The film must be removed with toner using a cotton pad. 

2. Toners exfoliate and clear the pores, balance oils in the skin, and kill acne causing bacteria.

3. Toners enhance penetration of the key active ingredients of other products being used. While the skin has an acidic pH of about 5.5, cleansers are typically very alkaline.   After cleansing, your skin needs to achieve its normal acidic pH in order to function properly.  Using a toner after cleansing allows the skin to return to its normal pH much faster and skincare products applied after the toner will function as intended.


4.  Invigorate and rejuvenate. Think of toners as a crucial to the cleansing process but also pre-treatment step.  Because unlike cleansers they remain on the skin, they act as a treatment.  Depending on the unique formulation they can infuse botanicals, vitamins, minerals & hydrators into the skin all while priming to utilize following serums and moisturizers.