Are you a picker?

We all seek to avoid pain and gain pleasure. It’s our human nature.  Stress is on the rise as the never ending stream of distractions, responsibilities and information bombard us from all directions. Life in the fast lane demands coping skills like never before.   Life is a balance of unwanted and wanted.  It's up to us how we react to it.

It may sound odd, but picking our skin is a way to avert negative emotions and somehow get a surge of relief.  Not to sound harsh, but like other bad habits such as smoking, drugs or binge eating, this practice is a form of self abuse and self sabotage. Rather than beating yourself up about it, creating awareness around the habit will put you on the path to healing.

Just like creating a positive habit such as working out, flossing, or meditating, if you’re a picker, it’s going to take discipline to create a new way to cope with stress.  When you feel the urge to pick, this is when EXPANDING the moment is crucial to moving THROUGH the uncomfortable emotions and having the strength to choose another option until the feelings subside.   And they will.  

The most important thing to do when you feel the urge to pick at your skin is to AVOID looking in the mirror.  If you catch yourself scanning your skin looking at all the little bumps and pores filled with guck, this is the time to use your willpower. 

Use your willpower to see through to the other side.  Recall the other times when you decided to pick and you ended up with inflamed cysts or scars for weeks or possibly months or years.  Choose another option. 

If you have a blemish that is painful or inflamed, never attempt to extract it yourself. This should be left to the professional.   Try applying lavender, patchouli, frankincense, or rosewood oil to soothe the area. While your at it, you can use this AHH-MAZING aromatic blend as an instant stress reducer. It's heavenly.

It may surprise you how fast pimples heal when not aggravated.  Colloidal silver also helps to disinfect and heal the area quickly and without scarring.  Sometimes putting on a mask can help ease the feeling that "something needs to be done" to get rid of the bumps.  I go through it, we all go through it. You can easily make a homemade mask with charcoal, bentonite clay, apple cider vinegar, probiotics, and yogurt, to soothe and draw out toxins.  Finish with a spritz rose water. You're skin will feel fresh and renewed. 

We all have access to willpower.  It’s important to remember that our willpower is finite.  Each day, we start with a clean slate and as the day moves on and we're met with “stressors” our willpower will be depleted. Therefore, we can protect and preserve our willpower by fueling our tank with healthy foods, exercise and regular self care practices. 

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