Beautiful skin is deeply connected to our inner well-being and reflects balance in our diet, health, stress levels, career,  relationships,  and other lifestyle choices. Sometimes we need help bringing balance and order to all of the demands of daily life.  A process known as bio-hacking allows us to purge anything that is polluting our skin, body and mental health creating space for deep nourishment from beneficial foods and self care rituals.

Health coaching sessions are designed to work in conjunction with High Vibration Facials to help you get clear about your skin and health goals and ensure that you are taking the necessary steps to be successful. 

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Health Coaching                                                                      45 min/$75
Each of us have specific "bio-individual" needs when it comes to diet, lifestyle & skincare. When we experience chronic dehydration, acne, eczema, brown spots or premature aging, this is a message from our body that something is out of balance.  Health Coaching sessions support your professional treatments and provide framework necessary to reveal and heal underlying causes to persistent, resistant and stubborn skin issues and optimize your skincare results.