Acne can inflict anyone from pre-teen to middle aged and can be caused by a variety of reasons including diet, lifestyle, internal imbalances, inflammation, bacteria overgrowth, wrong skincare or cosmetics or stress. While clearing acne, it is important to cleanse and exfoliate the skin gently to purify and balance oil production,  using pure non-toxic ingredients specific for you skin type.  While it's important to treat the visible symptoms,   the key to eradicating acne for good lies in a holistic approach.  Feeding both your body and skin with essential nutrients will calm inflammation inside and out, bring harmony and balance in the skin, mind and body.

ACNE RESCUE                                                                                75 MIN / $200
This deep cleansing facial eliminates pore congestion, soothes red and inflamed skin and replenishes moisture balance.  A TCA peel blend gently sanitizes the skin while lightens scarring and prevents future breakouts.   Pulsed galvanic current and sound waves infuse vitamins and other nutrients to speed healing and normalize skin imbalances without damage, irritation or discomfort to the skin.  Great for sensitive skin, mild to severe cystic acne.

THE SILK PEEL DERMAL INFUSION                                  60 MIN / $175
The new age of microdermabrasion is here. Silk Peel Dermal Infusion is an advanced skin rejuvenation system that simultaneously exfoliates, deep cleans delivering a potent but gentle salicylic acid formula containing the revolutionary and multi functional ingredient solubilized bakuchiol to promote clear skin.  This treatment effectively addresses the major causes of acne, including bacterial infection, clogged pores, and excess oil production, while reducing redness and swelling and post-inflammatory pigmentation.  No downtime. 

SILK PEEL DERMAL INFUSION W/POWER BOOST                                                 75 MIN / $200
Depending on your skin's specific needs a light chemical peel, oxygen & retinol peel combo OR Vitamin Infusion w/micro-current increases the intensity Silk Peel treatment and enhance results.

Target stubborn breakouts, cystic acne, acne scarring, enlarged pores, bumpy uneven texture, dullness, eczema and rosacea. Non-toxic customized chemical peel blends are layered with botanical extracts and vitamins to offer a controlled outcome and minimal downtime. Peels offered: Jessner, TCA, Salicylic, Glycolic, Lactic, Citric, Mandelic, Azelaic and more.....

Level I Peel :   
Beginner Peel. 1-2 layers of light peel blend                                                                                          $175
Level II Peel:
Mid range peel including  multiple layers of peel + oxygen treatment +Vitamin A Peel  $200
Level III Peel:
Most aggressive peel with up to 6 layers with revitapen enhancement tool + LED Light therapy                                $250


acne and pigmentation.jpeg


COLLAGEN INDUCTION W/ POWER BOOST                                      $275.00
This treatment uses advanced technologies to stimulate new collagen, elastin and growth factors for acne scar repair. LED light therapy is used to kill acne causing bacteria and boost cellular repair and calm the skin.  3 days after the treatment, a gentle TCA blend + vitamin peel will be applied to ensure acne control and boost peeling. 


Beauty Add-Ons

BEAUTY FLASH                                                                                                   45 MIN / $100
A powerful cocktail of vitamins, stem cells and peptides powered by micro-current & LED Light Therapy plump, nourish and lift delivering instant results to get you ready for that big event.

ULTIMATE VITAMIN THERAPY                                                   $75 ala carte / $50 add on
Great for events and lunchtime pick-me-ups.  This 30 min treatment combines pulsed galvanic & sound waves, a powerful cocktail of lactic acid, vitamins and peptides to help plump and refine skin texture, enhance natural exfoliation, brighten skin tone, prevent & correct environmental damage.     

LED LIGHT THERAPY                                                                         $50 ala carte / $30 add on
The benefits of LED light therapy include tissue and cellular repair, increased circulation, elimination of acne bacteria, evening of skin tone, texture and clarity and reduction of inflammation.        30 MIN 

REVITAPEN ENHANCEMENT                                                                       $50 add on
A non-invasive device that gently exfoliates while creating micro-channels in the skin to enhance nutrient absorption to create visible and instant results. Skin will experience increased hydration, reduction of fine lines, wrinkles and age spots, improvement of skin texture and diminishing scar tissue and blemishes.