Ingrid Thompson, Top Holistic Facialist and Founder of High VibrationSkin Care


Ingrid's journey into beauty and wellness began in 2003 at legendary Beverly Hotels Spa by La Prairie. After 5 years of working with affluent clientele and celebrities, her desire to help resolve skin issues brought her to top medi-spas including Kinara and Ona Spa.  Once Ona closed it's doors in 2014, she decided to open her own specialized skincare practice focusing on facial rejuvenation for acne and aging.   She believes in the interconnectedness of truly radiant skin and a harmonious balance in our diet, stress levels, relationships and other aspects of daily life.  

Rather than just treating symptoms, Ingrid uses a holistic approach to uncover the root cause of skin issues, restoring balance and health to her client's skin for years to come.  High performance ingredients and advanced technologies restore luminosity and clarity to aging, sensitive and acne skin. Her goal is to always create the most safe and rapid change on a cellular level with the most comfortable and minimal downtime possible.  Most of all, Ingrid's passion is to help her clients achieve their own personal vision of flawlessness. 


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